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FASMA President on Maternal Health in Africa

The Struggle Continues for Maternal Health in Africa “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”, this Federation of African Medical Students Associations (FAMSA) 27th Annual General Assembly and International Scientific conference report comes at a critical time. The whole world is assessing progress towards the Millennium Declaration in the last … Continue reading

Gulu University’s Dean of Medicine on African Starving Children and Women Pregnancy

Help those suffering and those not suffering Those who join the health workforce as a calling to the noble profession of medicine have more than one thing in common; to prevent death and not destroy it, to heal the sick, to relieve the sick from the distress of ill health, and to prevent disability, or … Continue reading

FAMSA Maternal and Child Health Conference Report

Please use the following link to see the entire FAMSA Conference Report in PDF format FAMSA So what is the FAMSA? It stands for the Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations (FAMSA) And as many of you should know by now  Fauz Kavuma, the Secretary General, is an avid student of the art of science writing. He has asked this report be publicize … Continue reading

The Impact of Population Dynamics on Socioeconomic Development in Uganda

Science is needed on the front lines of socioeconomic development. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) aim to promote human development by ensuring improvements in a range of areas including poverty alleviation, education, health and environment (United Nations General Assembly, 2000). All goals are interlinked and closely related to population issues. The achievements of such goals … Continue reading

New Disease Baffles Scientists: Nodding Disease

Nodding disease or nodding syndrome is an obscure disease which recently made its appearance in Sudan. First discovered in the 1960s, the disease primarily affects children between 5 to 15 years of age. It is currently contained within Tanzania, Northern Uganda and South Sudan. Nodding disease gets its name from the characteristic pattern of involuntary … Continue reading

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