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Using the 4 R’s

A popular way to respect our planet is to do activities related to the 4 R’s. They are recycle, reuse, reduce and restore. A simple survey has produced a need for a  list related to these concepts. Everyday people need to become more conscious of their environment and learn to use the 4 R’s. Using … Continue reading

God’s Mystery Revealed: The Entire Story

The greatest clarity comes from the simplest examples. This example of abduction is ideal, no matter what realm of the universe it is interpreted in; it will relate in confounded ways. Translations are available in over 100 million written languages and the ideal abduction has been never been interpreted the same way twice. Chapter One … Continue reading

Effects Of Solar Flares On Earth

Just a few days ago, our planet was hit by the most powerful geomagnetic storms in the last seven years. As the scientists of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center had predicted, a solar flare occurred on January 23, 2012; it sent out a cloud of charged particles from the sun’s … Continue reading

Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Tech Savvy People, and Writers

Solutions for Entrepreneurs, Tech Savvy People, and Writers

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